Top Row:  Bambury Shed Front/ with dent layout behind/ general view/

Middle Row - General Views of the layout

Bottom Row - The town area

Below - Developments at the Shed end of the layout - a new scenic board with a 90 deg curve into a 6ft traverser has been added. The same arrangement will be constructed for the town end to provide for 6 coach trains on the main line.

Bambury under development in the Neston Clubrooms February 2008

Updated 20th June 2019 2014

Bambury in its original form at the Bishops High School Exhibition in Chester in November 2004

Photos - John Rutter



Bambury Shed repair work: Below, photos taken on 10th Sept 2009 show; L to R; The late John Vacher contemplating wiring using the compulsory chocolate digestive to aid thinking; New track outside the shed; the LH end board attached to allow joining of the scenery; the potato crop has grown.

- all pics John Rutter

Bambury Shed was originally built and owned by Graham Heald. It has been extended and upgraded by club members. It is now owned by the club.

During transit to the exhibition at Crewe in January 2009, the layout suffered significant damage due to the failure of a racking support member  in the trailer. The turntable board dropped on to the shed board, punched the turntable upwards out of its mountings and scraped the scenery on the shed board. The layout was ‘fixed up’ before the show and operated without turning the locos. On return to the club, it was found that the surface boards under both shed boards were life expired and a decision was taken to strip the track, make new baseboards and relay with hand-made track. This work is well under way as the pictures show.

Bambury Shed is the club’s main exhibition layout and has been in existence, in various guises, for something like 20 years. It started with three scenic boards and a small fiddle yard at each end - just big enough to take two locos. An exhibition manager came by at one exhibition and said he would like to book it, but would like to see something running along the main line.  From this two new end boards were constructed to extend the main line and turn it to the rear of the layout. Two traversers were then constructed to act as fiddle yards at each end. This arrangement was unsatisfactory as the number of trains which could be stored was insufficient so a decision was made to build a large fiddle yard and complete the loop. This is the arrangement of the layout to date. During this time, the two main shed boards were rebuilt due to warping of the plywood tops. The layout (and the members) are now converted to DCC, A range of suitable (filthy) locos and clean new diesels is being assembled, converted to DCC and tested ready for the Doncaster Show on 7th/8th and 9th February 2014.

BAMBURY SHED  depicts a semi fictitious location during the transition period between the old steam locomotives and the new diesel fleet. The steam locomotives are almost invariably dirty and badly looked after, which is the way that most of us remember them!

Major modification work being undertaken to change the layout over to DCC

Bambury at Leigh 27 & 28th October 2008. Photos by Chris Manners and John Rutter

Below - progress on 2nd June 2009; L to R; Chris fitting hand made points; pointwork round the turntable (2 pics); new pointwork on the roads behind the shed.

Overview of the layout from the Shed end

The signal box and the repairs to the damaged wall

Above and right: Scenic work under way on the tunnel board. The first 2 pictures show club members applying the covering layer and the third picture shows the end result awaiting detailing.

Above and Below:  views of the Locomotive Maintenance shed. The building is still under construction but has been positioned to check the fit and appearance. The view bottom right shows the completed area 27th March 2008

Bambury Shed ready for the Doncaster Exhibition 2014
More Upgrades after the  Doncaster Show in Feb 2014

After the experience of operating the layout at the Doncaster Show, although the model was well received, we felt that there were several areas where upgrading would help greatly.

These were:

1) The Track at the Canal End was not an even curve

2) The Fiddle Yard, although acceptable, needed some rationalisation

3) The Control system around the Engine Shed needed upgrading

4) The baseboard joints needed more substantial bolts and improved alignment.

Work comences on the Canal End - Feb 2014

The track is stripped off and the new alignment laid in. Unfortunately, this means that the factory at the rear of the board will need to be modified.

Also the loco shed headshunt is now extended to a small fiddle yard on the next board to allow for more operating flexibility and more locomotives to visit the shed.

First Operating Session - May 2014

The track on the mail line past the shed has been lifted, lined and levelled and reconnected. The autotrain is one of the first to test the new track. The loco will be rebranded to a late BR logo before our next outing to Loughborough in September.

The relaid fiddleyard. Reluctantly, it was decided that the jointing arrangement and the board locations were not up to the standard we wanted and the track plan was redesigned and the whole board relaid with new track and points. The old switching system has been retained and improved; and we now have indicator lights on the overhead gantries. The yard was under test when these photos were taken.

All photos - John Rutter

During this operating session, the model was videoed to check for further problems. An edited version of this video can be seen on Youtube under ‘Sion4’ (John Rutter’s Page)

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HISTORY OF BAMBURY SHED Graham Heald; 17th January 2008

 I had been buying 00 locos for a long time and they were just stored in a cupboard. I realised that I should really create a layout where I could have the pleasure of seeing them in operation.

About 10 years ago, Shed based layouts were beginning to appear on the exhibition scene and I liked the idea of a shed layout with the associated station, goods yard and town “off scene”.

I am a Great Western Man and have always had a preference for freight locos, so I started to look around for a suitable location for a shed layout.

Banbury fitted the bill. It was a cross-over location for several lines, allowing more than just GWR locos to appear. There were heavy freight sidings either side of the station and much iron ore traffic from Oxfordshire passed through, generally pulled by 9Fs.

Banbury location is identifiable by the location of the shed, the coaling stage, the signal box and particularly the gasometers, so these are reproduced on the layout. The turntable, however is at the wrong end of the shed and hence the name was changed to “Bambury” to ensure that it was not seen to be an exact model of the location.

The bus depot was the most southerly of the Midland Red empire and is located in Banbury.

Bambury Shed at the Doncaster Exhibition 2014 All Photos - John Rutter Link to the Video of Bambury Shed at the Doncaster Show

This picture shows Bambury Shed in very much the format it was in after the Doncaster Exhibition. Now, the fiddle yard on the right has been completely relaid making sure all the sidings are the same length. The Canal end of the scenic boards has also been lifted and relaid to ease the transition between the boards.The whole model has been rewired to DCC standards.

Video Clip of

Bambury Shed

at the

Doncaster Exhibition

Voted ‘Best in Show’ by the members of the Soar Valley Model Railway Club and awarded the “Mayfield Crafts Trophy.”

Bambury Shed is is now retired due to the main scenic boards being life expired. One of the members has purchased it and is in the process of rebuilding the boards to fit into his shed.

Bambury Shed was exhibited for the last time over the weekend of 17th; 18th; & 19th June 2016 at Quorn Station on the Great Central Railway as part of the GCR Extravaganza.

Now Retired