Bewdley belongs to Graham Heald but is supported by members of the club.

The model is an replica of Bewdley Station in BR days, which is now part of the Severn Valley Railway. It is as close to exact as modelling limitations allow.

It is now out on the exhibition circuit but comes into the clubroom for modifications, if required, test running and cleaning before an exhibition.

Photos of Bewdley taken at the Liverpool Exhibition

The Operators

L to R: Chris, Graham, Steve and John

Bewdley Station

The corners of the layout, Left and Right. The model has 3 viewing sides.

Above, The left hand corner with the lane, house and garden.

Right; a bus about to go under the viaduct.

Above centre; the village pub and other houses.

Above; the right hand end with the farmer ploughing.

Photos of Bewdley taken at the Loughborough Exhibition

Pictures: Above - Bewdley at the Loughborough Exhibition. Below Left; Setting up.

Below Right; Set up - finally!

Bottom Left - Ray demonstrating; Bottom Right - Graham accepts the ‘Best in Show’ trophy.