Broughton Clubrooms

“The Old School Meals Centre in Broughton

Where we moved to after St John’s Church Hall in Buckley.

We had decided to look for our own premises as the St John’s Church Hall was due for demolition. This building was derelict in the grounds of the Church Hall in Broughton, and becoming a real problem for the local residents.

We spent a year bricking up every other window; fitting security doors and window shutters so that the building was vandal proof.

We spent many happy and productive years there, many models were built and we had a thriving membership.

Then the bombshell dropped - the Church was selling all the land, including the Church Hall for housing. We were homeless.

The front room was 25ft by 25 ft and a permanent layout was installed round one wall. On this picture Graham can be seen working on an embryo ‘Bambury Shed’

The back room was 25ft by 18 ft (or thereabouts) with two small rooms to one side which we turned into a library and a mess room.

A pot bellied woodburning stove was donated by an old friend of the club and installed in this room with a chimney through a convenient ventilation opening in the roof.

This room was always warm!