At Loughborough 6 th & 7 th September 2014

We had worked long and hard on the model over the period following the Doncaster Exhibition in February. 50% of the main lines had been relaid to better levels and curvature; The Canal End (on the Right) was completely lifted, realigned and curved on to the next board to improve the baseboard joints. This was sufficiently drastic to require a replacement bridge and new scenics. This bridge had a separate single arch and the shed headshunt was extended through this arch to a small fiddle yard on the next board to allow for light engine movements with no interruption to the main lines. All the track was then reballasted and the scenics improved.

While this was going on, the whole layout was rewired for DCC operation, no minor task.

We completed all the work with a month in hand to thoroughly test the model and train the operators.

The effort proved to be most worthwhile as the model was voted ‘Best in Show’ by the members of the Soar Valley Model Railway Club and awarded the “Mayfield Crafts Trophy.”

Members of the club with the Mayfield Crafts Trophy.

L to R: Brian Chambers, Steve Littlejohn and Ray Reid

Club members exhibiting at the Loughborough Show; L to R: Graham Heald, Brian Chambers, Ray Reid, Paul Evans, John Roberts (Chairman) Front Row; Chris Manners, Steve Littlejohn

The two ends of the layout. The Left hand end with the tunnel, fields and flowering shrubs. The Right Hand End with the canal in the foreground. The roadbridge and track beneath were realigned. The left hand bridge has the extended Shed headshunt beneath it.

The Bus Depot - always a favourite at shows.

The layout in situ in the exhibition hall at Loughborough University.

All pictures - John Roberts