The club exhibition layout, Bambury Shed was over 20 years old and was sold to one of the members.

For a new, replacement exhibition layout, there followed much debate over whether a real location should be modelled - as favoured by several members; or whether a fictitious location would be better. The discussion went on for several months to ensure that the right decision for the club was made.

Finally, a fictitious location was settled upon as it was difficult to find an interesting real location with the required characteristics which had not already been modelled.

The era chosen is from roughly 1960 to the present requiring care to be taken that the setting can either be changed or does not date.

A trackplan was discussed and eventually drawn out to half scale size using templates to make sure that the track would fit. Baseboard sizes were then chosen to  suit the loading into a single van (Bambury Shed required two vans).

Developments to 17th November 2016

Left - Scenic developments progressing well around the roadbridge

Middle - A very busy Parkway Station. Construction of the multistorey car park under way to the right.

Right - The fiddle yard from Bambury Shed put to good use for Moorside Parkway. A new fiddle yard will eventually be constructed.

All photos - John Rutter

Further developments October/November 2016

Construction of Moorside Parkway is almost complete. The scenic elements are being developed from the left towards the right as viewed from the ‘public’ side. Work started on the roadbridge across the left hand corner followed by the hillsides and cutting for the road and railway. The basis for decisions on materials and methods is always ‘minimum weight!’

The landforms are made from cardboard strips (mostly from cereals packets) hot-melt glued together in a lattice pattern, then covered with layers of paper soaked in PVA glue. Once thoroughly dried, the whole was painted with basecoats of pale grey for rock faces or dull green for grassland. Further detailing of the left hand end has continued with dry stone walls and fields being created. The multistorey car park towards the right is almost complete and the hill at the right hand corner is well under way (JR 13th Feb 2018)

Progress on 22nd November:

Left - the Multistory Car Park under construction. Right - Retaining walls in the cutting.

Developments at 7th March 2017

Developments at 13th February 2018