Baseboard Construction Feb/March 2015

Graham assembling parts of the latest baseboard

Left: Ray and Brian fitting parts together

Right: The assembly line in the clubrooms

Left; The assembled frames awaiting the fitting of the top surface

Right: John giving the underside of a newly made baseboard a good coat of paint to keep out the damp and stop any distortion

All Photos by

Paul Evans

Baseboard Construction Jan and Feb 2015 Baseboard Construction 31st March 2015

All the new baseboards were finally finished and assembly commenced. The gridplan was marked out on the baseboard tops to enable the translation of the half-scale track layout on to the finished boards. This was followed by checking of the location of points relative to the track centrelines. Once fixed, drawing in of the transition curves could be started using a suitable piece of flexible timber.

The Photo Gallery below shows the stages in the translation of the trackplan to full size.

Creating the scenery August and September 2016