4th September 2018 - Pictures of ‘Bewdley’ at the Loughborough exhibition in August

17th September 2018 - New Page added for the Whithorn Model

17th February 2019 - General site update


Graham and Chris’ model of Bewdley Station on what is now the Severn Valley Railway has been brought in the clubroom for maintenance and further development. The boards can be seen at the back of the picture below.

During August/September both Bewdley, belonging to Graham Heald, and Whithorn, belonging to Alisdair MacDonald, (both supported by the club) have been out at exhibitions where they have both gained the ‘Best in Show’ accolade. In addition, the creamery on Whithorn gained the ‘Vice President’s Trophy’  for the best building in the show.

Left, Above: Graham recieves the Best in Show trophy at the Loughborough Exhibition.

Left, Below: Bewdley at Loughborough

Right, Above: Chris; Alisdair; John and Graham with Whithorn at the Partington EM Gauge show.

Right, Below; Whithorn Creamery.

With Whithorn and Bewdley now regulars on the exhibition circuit, the club has decided to start another layout, as yet unnamed, of a semi ficticious Scottish Harbour town. Discussions have taken place and drawings are being prepared. The model is to be built to exhibition standard.

Please contact the club if you are interested in getting involved.