A new “00”  layout called ‘Moorside Parkway’ is under construction. Progress has been rapid and the model is constructed, the track laid and tested. And the scenery well under way.

The new layout is a fictitious location based of the characteristics of several real locations. It has a double track main line serving several different industries and a station.

New members, of any skill level, are welcome to be involved.

New members are  welcome, although we have restricted space and so must limit numbers; whatever their interests and level of expertise. Come and see us for a cup of tea and a chat.

On the principle of one to two years under consideration and detail design, a start has been made on collecting ideas for a further new model. The premise for this design is completely open, the only proviso being that it must fit in the space available in the clubroom when Moorside Parkway is erected.

To date 4 ideas are under consideration in either 00 or N gauge.