The Maintenance Shed Extension Board, part covered

The Master makes another mix. Make the Artex up into a paste and add poster colour to suit. In this case black to give a medium grey.

Plaster it on. Don’t worry about evenness of colour or flatness of the finished surface

Make sure you keep the rails clean. Artex sets hard and needs a lot of effort to get it off.. Best to do it when it’s semi liquid.

Add more as needed and make mixes up to suit the working time

The final trick - wait until it’s beginning to go off and then level it with a suitable scraper.

Remember - natural surfaces are never flat or level, A surface which is geometrically correct will look artificial. If in doubt - experiment on a scrap piece of wood until you are happy that you can get the result you are looking for. Once it has gone off, it is a major job to remove it.

Two views above of the completed area 27th March 2008