This page has information on “how we did things”. We are not saying this is the right way to do it - just this is how we did it and it’s one way of getting the result. The techniques are illustrated by a series of photographs with minimal text as, in theory anyway, a picture says a thousand words.

Grass Spraying

First paint the area with full strength PVA glue and add scatter materials to give a base coat.

Then, when the base coat has gone off a bit - it doesn’t need to dry thoroughly, spray the area with an even coat of hairspray..

The first coat of sprayed grass. Go for an even layer on the hairspray.

Spray another layer of hairspray.

Give it a second coat of grass and leave to dry

Some of the materials need to be handled correctly - in particular Hair Spray  - which is highly flamable. Please make sure you read the instructions on the containers carefully before using the materials.

Above Left: Graham goes fencing! Above Right: - the potato field starts to sprout.

Foliage Detailing TREES

Adding a further layer of depth and colour to a hedge using foliage matting.

1) Take a piece of the matting and tease it apart so the layers underneath show through 2) Position the matting over the bush and pat into place.

3) Fix with a dusting of hairspray

(remember - hairspray is flamable - read the instructions on the can!)

Armature for a Willow Tree (to be fixed into position by the canal) made from twisted copper wire and coated with hot melt glue. Next stage - foliage

More techniques will be added as we complete the layouts